They emerged in New York in the early 1850s as a secret order that quickly spread across the North, reaching non-Catholics, particularly those non-Catholics who were lower middle class or skilled workers. The Triggermen in Fallout 4 have a surprisingly high number of Ghouls in their gang, probably about 25% of the gang itself. The Institute from the same game is an interesting variation; racism and sexism do not seem to exist in the Institute, with several women and people of color in significant positions of power, respect and influence. Additionally, the Institute itself is classless, to the point where their internal economy operates on the barter system (the Institute proper doesn't use currency excluding their weapons and armor merchant Synth). However, "mundane" forms of human bigotry have been replaced with both a high-minded contempt for the surface Wastelanders and the enslavement of Synthkind.

The second is that he has a god complex, and likely views everyone else as being equally inferior. Goblins in Dwarf Fortress frequently kidnap children of other races, and raise them as productive goblin citizens who advance normally in goblin society and abide by goblin societal norms. This can reach such an extreme as to circle into inversion, in which none of the members of a goblin community are goblin by blood, and may be homogeneously elves, humans, or even dwarves. The only exception is one aversion; only full-blooded goblins seem to become priests, and they may be the only racial goblins present at a nominally goblin settlement.

Like The Turner Diaries example above (the game contains a speech by that book's writer as an Easter Egg), the enemies are depicted as evil because they are equal opportunity. This trope also crops up in the Spiritual Successor White Law, which is primarily an Author Tract railing against multiculturalism and race-mixing. The Turner Diaries has, as its villains, the System, a group that espouses multiculturalism and consists of every non-white group in the country .

Regional Defense Council of Aragon Branch[edit | edit source]

The larger plan will be headed either by a whiter nation or some rogue Americans—something that itself has been criticized ("Look, if you're going to portray Arab Muslims as the enemy, do you have to make them subordinate to some white guy?"). At the very least, there are always a few Americans in the villain's employ. Also, expect a balancing Aesop to even things out when the producers feel guilty about who the villain is. In the Ripliad series, Tom Ripley, the Villain Protagonist, is a textbook sociopath who for all his affability manages to destroy a number of peoples' lives.

A Ukrainian's Crusade to Fix the International Justice System for ... - PassBlue

A Ukrainian's Crusade to Fix the International Justice System for ....

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Lampshaded during the Acts of Vengeance event, in which Loki assembles an evil team supreme consisting of Doctor Doom , Magneto , the Mandarin , The Kingpin, the Wizard, and the Red Skull . Entirely apart from the clash of egos, none of them could stand the Skull, and vice-versa. When you put the most evil Nazi in fiction in the same team as the most powerful and pissed off Holocaust survivor in history, you are really pushing the limits of this trope. To the surprise of nobody, the event ended with Magneto locking the Skull in an underground bunker with no light and limited water, to die painfully of thirst and starvation with just his sins for company.

Republican senators take aim at tougher EPA standards for heavy-duty vehicle emissions

Kirasagi's decision to take in and protect the Demons puts them at odds with the human kingdoms including their allies in the Kingdom of Grace. If this trait is emphasized more than necessary, it might come across as a Pet the Dog moment. It might even result in Rooting for the Empire if the "good guys" are not so unbiased. It might even suggest that it's okay to be unethical or even murderous as long as you're "fair" about it.

When The Joker comes along, even before he takes over the various gangs, it's obvious he doesn't care in the slightest about race or sanity provided his goons do as he says. Back to the Future Part II. While his ancestors followed a "white guys only" rule, Griff Tannen's cybernetically-enhanced teenage gang includes at least one Asian and a woman. In The Ultimates, the Liberators were superpowered agents from a coalition of "anti-American" nations, with each country contributing a member. Thus, they had someone from Russia, North Korea, Syria, China, and, um, France, all led by an Iranian terrorist. Our military industry must be expanded if we are to stand strong against the various foreign threats to our war-torn nation. By necessity our army has been rebuilt from those who were not educated in the strict discipline of military life.

We must remain strong and reinvigorate in the people the fire that drives them to do the utmost. Organizing large-scale warfare while remaining true to the tenets of anarchism is a great challenge. It is also one that we must rise to meet, as without it all that we fight for is lost. Every person is a revolution unto itself; if not for the bravery and ferocity of the individual the collective would fall in the face of its enemies. This message must be brought home with all our supporters; every single one of us must aid in holding high the torch of anarchism.


In The Lion King, Scar generally gets along with the hyenas and is more than willing to employ them in his plans to take the throne, and integrates them into the Pride Lands after becoming king, whereas the other "good" lions are pretty big pricks to them . Additionally, going by their voice actors, the hyenas Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed are respectively black, Hispanic, and white. Hydia's Fraccion are all somehow deformed from the more normal human shape most Arrancar possess since she doesn't care about looks as long as they're loyal to her and aren't sticks in the mud. In The Jaded Eyes Series while Harry/Tristan hates Muggles he's friends with and strives for the rights of Magical Creatures.

International Brigades/Seize the Gold Reserves Branch[edit | edit source]

TAKA Michinoku's version of Roughly Obsess And Destroy didn't just women in the workplace men of different races and nationalities running over the All Japan and Pro Wrestling NOAH rosters but also of more than one sexuality, as RO&D had Rico Constantino among their ranks. They would pull a collective Heel–Face Turn after TARU introduced the Voodoo Murders, who demonstrated they were eviler than RO&D by trying to take them out but were just as equal opportunity in their membership. The serial killer Jack Mort in The Drawing of the Three, the second book of The Dark Tower series. Partway through the book, Odetta tells the story of how a brick fell onto her head from a building in New York when she was a young child.

What, does he send regiments of level 1 undead warriors to fight it? This thing is easily soloable or require at most 2-3 smart players to take out. I cheated and used rank 1 frostbolt, nova, and blink to kite him to Light Hope Chapel..knowing that there were gonna be random people there, and surely they all helped me kill the big maggot. So all the people saying they solo'd at lvl 58 no prob are lieing. Used a few minutes to get him/her/it down to 50%, but at that time, both my VW-sacrifice and Demon armor had run out, and the healthstone-button on my toolbar wasn't updated with the new rank.


They commit some undeniably heinous crimes over the course of the, but they're also the most diverse gang in Charming. In contrast to the all-Latino Mayans, the all-Black Niners and the White Supremacist Nords, the Sons freely accept a Jewish member and a Latino member ("Juice") into their upper ranks, and the earliest episodes have them cooperating with Black sheriff Vic Trammell. Zig-Zagged in Criminal Minds; the vast majority of UnSubs are white males, much like Real Life serial killers who are overwhelmingly part of that demographic, but there have been a decent number of female UnSubs and a handful of minority UnSubs. The Goa'uld of Stargate SG-1 generally pose as Egyptian Gods, and while there are a number of dark-skinned hosts and Jaffa, they also have lighter-skinned races and cultures, including Goa'uld posing as Chinese and Greek gods. Which makes perfect sense for the Goa'uld - they grab host bodies from whatever's around but their identity doesn't change.

Soviet military advisors may just give our troops and leaders the edge they need against our enemies. Our gold reserves are key in the purchase of war materials from abroad. We must ensure it is stored in a safe location, which unfortunately necessitates moving it abroad. The basque region possesses vital industry, and must be better defended.


Our people knows our cause is just and right, and all we have to do is leverage this sentiment to ensure a steady stream of determined recruits for our military. We will form an army in which all are welcome to serve, and at the same time expose them to the healthy socialist values held dear by their compatriots. Major dockyards were not immune to the destruction of the civil war. While repairing these, we should look into expanding them as well, so that we are prepared for future naval expansion programs. The Spanish community as a whole must be rallied in a single great drive to repair the damage resulting from our violent civil war.


On August 18, 1853, the party held its first rally in Baltimore with about 5,000 in attendance, calling for secularization of public schools, complete separation of church and state, freedom of speech, and regulating immigration. The first Know-Nothing candidate elected into office in Baltimore was Mayor Samuel Hinks in 1855. The following year, ethnic and secular conflicts fueled riots around municipal and federal elections in Maryland with Know-Nothing–affiliated gangs clashing with Democratic-aligned gangs. They won 51 % of the vote, including 94% of the Free Soilers (an anti-slavery faction of Democrats), and 79% of the Whigs, plus 15% of Democrats and 24% of those who abstained in the previous election for governor the year before.

In Rurouni Kenshin, Shishio's main followers include a former prostitute, a crossdresser, a blind guy, a giant who is about 20-feet tall, a financial expert, and an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy. Shishio is a Social Darwinist who dreams of Japan becoming a militaristic warrior paradise. While he has no empathy at all for those he considers weak, Shishio doesn't gauge strength based on wealth and background.

This week on “To The Rescue” Tommy Habeeb teams up with the Bissell Pet Foundation to visit Franklin County Animal Control in Tennessee. With the help of Operation Freedom Ride, and the shelter’s fearless leader, this patchwork team is determined to get a number of dogs out of the shelter and on to their forever homes. Meanwhile, we learn the story of Rowdy, a misunderstood border collie who finds his new purpose.

  • In Legacy both the Fel Empire and the reborn Sith Empire are far more diverse than the Empire and the Sith seen in the films, with both readily accepting women and non-humans into their ranks.
  • Stannis wouldn't strictly qualify as "evil" but he is seen as villainous by other "good" characters, namely Brienne.
  • In Dredd the gang led by Ma-Ma is very diverse in terms of race, with Latinos, Asians, whites, blacks, etc., but there are no women besides their leader.
  • In Day Watch, there are a group of dark wizards, called the Regin brothers, who belong to the family chronicled in Norse Mythology and Wagner's Ring Cycle.
  • Frank White of King of New York runs quite the multiracial gang, which even features women in several prominent roles.

Usually, they'll be at each other's necks, but how does SPECTRE's chief, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who is of mixed Greco-Polish heritage in the books and original films, and an Austrian in Spectre, manage to keep the lid between the various underlings? Communist and Democratic shared post civil war sub-branch of the Republican Spanish national focus tree. Anarchist and Communist shared post civil war sub-branch of the Republican Spanish national focus tree.

  • We must fortify the government against communist influence, lest they surreptitiously manage to take take control of the Republic from within.
  • With the liberation of what was once Portugal, we may establish a new defense council that represents the wishes of all communes existing in the Iberian peninsula.
  • Some races might always be evil, but evil really knows no bounds.
  • In Shin Megami Tensei, while YHVH is a Knight Templar Mad God, he is utterly consumed by his desire for egalitarianism.
  • In The Ultimates, the Liberators were superpowered agents from a coalition of "anti-American" nations, with each country contributing a member.

Memnon in The Scorpion King runs an equal opportunity and multicultural Horde. This is somewhat Truth in Television as real pirates didn't particularly care about race and accepted Anne Bonny and Mary Read . Where they're from is never specified though; Hawkeye just refers to them as enemies of S.H.I.E.L.D. Many of the paramilitary and terrorist groups are open to and include considerable numbers of Europeans and North Africans (though not Pashtun-dominated groups like the Taliban, i.e. the ones you'd actually find in Afghanistan, who are quite xenophobic). Frank White of King of New York runs quite the multiracial gang, which even features women in several prominent roles.

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