The Town


Known as the White City, Ostuni has messapic origins and develops between land and sea in province of Brindisi.


The historic centre is rich of white buildings, and you can admire the Concattedrale di Santa Maria dell’Assunzione, with the stunning rose window in gothic style, the Museo di Civiltà Preclassiche della Murgia Meridionale and an amazing view over the Adriatic Sea, only 7 km away, and on the centuries-old olive trees. A very important natural area is the Parco Naturale delle Dune Costiere.

In Piazza della Libertà there is the town hall, Palazzo Municipale, the church Chiesa di San Francesco, the spire dedicated to the patron, Sant’Oronzo, whose sanctuary is located out of the urban centre, and that is celebrated on August 26, day of the famous ride.


One of the most important historic reliefs of Ostuni is represented by: Delia, better known with the name Ostuni 1, the body of a pregnant woman dating back to 28.000 years ago, found in the park, Parco archeologico di Santa Maria d’Agnano, and kept ad shown in the museum.


Ostuni country side is rich of masserie and centuries-old olive trees, producing excellent extra virgin olive oil. Music, books, folk, good food, white buildings, green olive trees, blue sky and sea, represents the perfect mixture making Ostuni one of the most successful holiday destination in Puglia.