The Town

Martina Franca

It is a pearl of the Baroque and Rococo’ age. Martina Franca has about 50.000 inhabitants

It belongs to the province of Taranto. It has medieval origins, but it developed most betwenn XVII e il XVIII century

Its elegant old town is rich of palaces, monuments and stile, symbol of its history and best period.

Important monuments are the Palazzo Ducale with its Sale Nobili and paintings by Domenico Carella, the Basilica of the Patron, San Martino, Complesso di San Domenico, and Villaggio di Sant’Agostino and several historical buildings with their precious façades and balconies from Piazza XX Settembre to Piazza Maria Immacolata with its porticades.

Art delevops in every way: architecture, music Festival della Valle d’Itria, food with capocollo and bocconotto and natural area with Bosco delle Pianelle.